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:: Employee Lifecycle Management 

A comprehensive, integrated approach to managing all aspects of the employee lifecycle.  Sound out of reach?  Not with Kash Browne!

This comprehensive, complete relationship endures 365 days a year making the employee life cycle manageable, less time consuming for the employer and less complicated for the employee.



Payroll & Human Resources

KB's goal is to provide a system flexible enough to handle any size company in any industry, and which is scalable as a company grows. Furthermore, a system robust enough to eliminate any and all manual paper-intensive processes, thereby enabling an organization to achieve a paper-free HR & Payroll department if they wish. A system that would provide your employees with productivity enhancing tools and information they need to perform their daily jobs.

Applicant Tracking
Consolidate recruiting information for a smoother, more organized hiring process.

HR Information System
Quickly collect, manage and access key Human Resources data.

Benefits Management
Provide the ability to administer and manage benefits in less time and with better available information. 

 Processing that is simple to understand and facilitate. reduces processing time and decreases costs.

        Standard and ad-hoc reporting plus the exact data you need when you need it.

Technology and Security
Technology and security measures ensure that your sensitive HR and Payroll data is safe and secure.